Get our structured rates and learn what factors we use in calculating the same.


Shorter deadlines call for us to put in more work within a short period of time. But the good news is, no matter the urgency, we maintain the same level of quality. For this reason, shorter deadlines attract slightly higher charges.

Type of paper

Complex papers such as capstone projects, dissertations, research proposals and graduate research papers, need more in-depth research as opposed to essays and class assignments. In some cases, we handle these complex papers over a long period of time collecting data and analyzing. These factors combined, affect pricing.

Academic level

Each academic level requires a different input in terms of analysis and presentation. Thus, higher academic levels affect price upwards.

Number of pages

Each page consists of 275 words. Our price is charged per page, however, we do offer discounts to return clients and those who refer more clients to us. We reward loyalty!

Referral Reward System

We offer referral discounts of up to 25% for every paper you order after referring a client to us. All you have to do it quote the clients’ name and once we confirm that your referral successfully placed and order, we send you a discounted invoice on your next order. Go ahead, tell someone about us today and get rewarded tomorrow!!