Our Guarantee

At Proficient Essays, we are committed to providing custom written papers generated from quality in-depth research carried out by Professionals in each academic area to clients all over the world.

Each paper is uniquely written from scratch based on independent research and findings, making us the company to go for your custom writing service.

We do not resell previously written papers, all our papers are issued to the rightful client and after the client confirms that he is satisfied with the paper, it is then deleted from our database as it is the clients’ property from then on.

Each client’s details are handled confidentially. We do not share client’s information with any other website or institution. We are discreet in our business and endeavor to protect our client’s privacy always.

We guarantee to bring out the best in students by conveniently assisting them achieve greater heights in education. We help students get the best grades they desire with the least effort.

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100% Satisfaction

We deliver quality work that matches and supersedes the client’s expectations.

Our plagiarism policy states that we deliver a plagiarism report for every work we do. Based on this policy, we ensure that all the work is taken through a quality control check and the report issued to the client for his or her own quality confirmation.

Based on our policies, terms and conditions, we keep our end of the bargain to protect our clients through a money back guarantee policy – though very rarely, situations do arise where the client and the professor seem not to read from the same page. With enough proof of the same beyond reasonable doubt, then this policy applies.

Privacy policy – Your information is safe here. We only use your details to deliver the essays and contact you if need be. We keep our promise; to deliver quality paper to our clients all over the world in discretion and utmost confidentiality.

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Revision Policy We understand that sometimes your professor can be very demanding and ask you to correct a few issues on your research paper or essay too many times. Do not be worried about this, we offer free revisions for every paper, to your satisfaction. In fact, we rarely get such scenarios since our writers are actual Professors, and they know what exactly to write. You are in good hands!

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Secure online payment Our online payment process is solely and securely through PayPal. We have no access to your credit card information making it absolutely safe and secure for you to pay for your paper.