Step by Step Guide on how to Develop a Topic for your Nursing Capstone Project

Developing a topic for your nursing capstone project is the first step to generating an outstanding capstone paper

Given the fact that each nursing student wants a unique and original capstone paper that can guarantee a good grade, this can be challenging task.

At least each student pursuing an undergraduate or a postgraduate nursing course, is required to come up with a nursing capstone project in their final year.

Not only does the capstone project contribute to you attaining good grades, it also provides you with an opportunity to apply the theories you have learnt in class into practical situations.

Developing and organizing your nursing capstone project however does not have to be as difficult as we tend to think. With a little help from a professional writing your capstone paper is actually an enjoyable task.




Factors to Consider when Developing a Topic for your Nursing Capstone Paper.

  1. Impact of the research to the nursing body of knowledge

When generating a topic for your capstone project, make sure you clarify the significance of the research and how it will impact the nursing body of knowledge and contribute to the society.

Always aim to have your nursing capstone project offer a workable solution to an existing problem. The solution can be a new and innovative or an improvement of the existing solutions.

Research in nursing has been done for a long time. It is unlikely that one would find a nursing topic that has not been researched on. This is not to say however, that the previously researched solutions are cast on stone.

As times change, there is need to continually improve solutions offered in the nursing field to fit different geographic zones and emerging challenges. As a nursing student, your capstone project should bring a new view, argument and opinion on already existing debates.

  1. Measurability of the topic.

Your capstone research topic should also be easy to measure. Using measurable terms eliminates ambiguity and controls the results of the research.

Avoid the use of questions in the research topic as they attract a lot of ambiguity and may generate scanty ideas that limit measurability.

Instead, make sure your research topic is open ended. E.g. “Implementing a Care Bundle for Patients at Risk of Pressure Ulcers in the ICU in Florida.” The patients under the risk on pressure ulcers in the ICU is the measurable factor.

Measurability of a topic depends on the variables.

  • What are variables?

These refer to the number or quantity that can be measured.

There are three variable types which include;

  • Independent variable
  • Dependent variable
  • Covariate

The independent variable, often depicted as X is a measure whose value is non reliant on the other variables. Often depicted as Y, the dependent variable is a factor whose value depends on that of another.

The covariate is a variable whose results are highly predictable in the research.

The inclusion of variances in your nursing capstone paper topic makes it more researchable and the conclusions easy to draw especially for statistical analysis.

  1. Originality of the topic.

The originality of a nursing capstone paper may be limiting due to the already existing number of previously researched topics. This is not to say however that a topic cannot be unique.

To ensure your research topic is unique use the SMART analysis;

  • Specific – be clear on what exactly you want to achieve form the capstone project results. What is the aim of the project?
  • Measurable – eliminate ambiguity by using variables to attain measurable results.
  • Attainable – have a scope for the capstone project. Limit the study either demographically, geographically e.t.c. This will in addition ensure that the research topic is realistic, which is our next point.
  • Realistic – The nursing capstone project is used for applying skills learnt in class, so ensure the research is applicable to real life situations especially in your community.
  • Timely – The solutions offered by your capstone project should be good enough to be employed to problems facing the nursing community at the moment.
  1. Availability of existing literature on the topic.

A good topic should be backed by the availability of existing literature, information and previous research on the same topic. Existing literature ensures that your capstone project automatically and easily gains traction right from the beginning. It is recommended to do a background check on the availability of information on the topic of research before starting on your nursing capstone project.

Literature review forms the foundation of a capstone project. From it, you are able to develop a coherent and solid argument on the topic. With more literature and information, you can compare, contrast and draw analogies for your argument.

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