The historical Link

The historical Link between Housing, Mortgage and Financial Crisis.

The USA experienced the worst financial crisis and recession between the year 2008 and 2009. This had been preceded by the housing bubble that was experienced between the mid 90’s and 2005. The increase in demand for housing resulted in an inflation fueled ride in price of housing and a resultant oversupply of housing units that were un affordable to the masses. This saw the government put pressure on mortgage lenders to provide affordable housing, a move that saw monetary policies being distorted and the credit sector being unregulated This Essay elaborates the

Reasons, consequences and decisions

Causes, Effects and Solutions to Wild Fires; a Case Study of California

What are the Main Causes of Wild Fires in California? California’s weather pattern tends to present a hot, dry to and windy weather conditions after spring and experienced all through to autumn. These have been attributed to major wild fires in California experienced specifically around those specific seasons.. What is a Wild Fire? A wild fires are huge uncontrolled flames that tend to engulf huge tracks of land at a time and are perpetrated by strong winds in warm weather and dry vegetation. Depending on the vegetation being burnt, a wild fire is categori

Dissertation Topics

12 Unique Mental Health Dissertation Topics for 2019

This guide  gives you the factors to consider before selecting a mental health dissertation topic and a list of possible topics to choose from and start writing immediately! This sample essay on mental health was the genesis of all the inquiries. We welcome such because this is not only a learning platform, it is also an interactive one. How to generate a mental health dissertation topic There are several factors that influence the choice of a mental health dissertation topic. These are: Career path – what career path do you want to take up after col