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This guide  gives you the factors to consider before selecting a mental health dissertation topic and a list of possible topics to choose from and start writing immediately!

This sample essay on mental health was the genesis of all the inquiries. We welcome such because this is not only a learning platform, it is also an interactive one.

How to generate a mental health dissertation topic

There are several factors that influence the choice of a mental health dissertation topic. These are:

  • Career path – what career path do you want to take up after college? In this guide, we are under the assumption that you will be interested in taking up a career in psychiatric nursing. As a student, always let your choices in college be informed by the career path you are building yourself towards.
  • Interest – It goes without saying. An interesting topic is easy to research on. Our minds find it easy to concentrate on things that we love.
  • Knowledge – How much do you about the topic your are about to settle on? The more knowledgeable you are on a subject , the easier it will be for you to research on it. Otherwise you will feel like a small child lost in a jungle in the middle of your dissertation.
  • Informative – Finally, let your selected mental health dissertation topic serve as a contribution to the knowledge pool of psychtriatric health.

Based on the above points, this guide gives;

12 unique mental health dissertation topics that you can easily pick from and apply immediately.

You however may need to tweak some to fit your preferred research niche or geographic location.

Without further adieu, here goes;

  1. Values of inclusion of couples counselling in Prenatal Care as a way deal to Post Par tum depression in new mothers.
  2. The role of consumer centered mental health and collaborative nursing practices to the patient and the society.
  3. The value of family therapy for teenage girls suffering from bipolar resulting to insecurities about physical appearances: a quantitative study in an Australian hospital.
  4. Effects of pregnancy weight gain and the restaurant mental health effect on small sized women. A quantitative research in a community hospital.
  5. Suicidal tenancies among middle aged men serving in the army and care strategies used by their nurses. A case study of the British army.
  6. Role of family therapy  on how to deal with teenage girls who attain their first pregnancy before the age f 16 and the mental changes they under go.
  7. Complementary therapies, their role in management of schizophrenia. A qualitative research.
  8. Nursing challenges surrounding the care for patients with dual mental illnesses.
  9. Coping with suicidal partners, the role of family involvement and nursing care. A challenge of army wives.
  10. Do poor housing conditions have an influence of existing mental health issues? A literature review.
  11. The relationship between divorce and depression among women. a quantitative study .
  12. Effects of mental health to women who have suffered child loss through miscarriage. A literature review.

Besides generating topics for you, we can give you a 250 – word brief on why the selected topic is appropriate for you.

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